Flocke in Oberhof

World Cup organizers brace themselves against the mild weather: The tracks in the ARENA am Rennsteig will be spared, the competition program is not in danger

The organizers of the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 2024 in Oberhof are reacting to the weather forecast and the expected precipitation today (Tuesday, 02.01.2024) with slight adjustments. Today's cross-country training for women and men will take place from 12 noon to 3 pm on a shortened loop. The shooting range is not available today. Instead, the teams can train in the indoor ski hall and the indoor shooting range.

Final preparation on Wednesday

As things stand today, the competition program is unchanged. Accordingly, the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon will open on Thursday, January 4th at 2:20 pm with the men's sprint. The 3.3-kilometer course is currently not in danger. "We are in close consultation with the IBU, are keeping a close eye on the weather and are deciding on possible adjustments from day to day," says OC boss Bernd Wernicke after inspecting the course with race director Borut Nunar. In view of the weather conditions, the status quo was judged to be good.

Traffic concept adapted for sprint competitions

The organizers have also adapted the traffic concept to ensure that fans can arrive and depart as relaxed as possible despite the weather conditions. For the sprint races on Thursday (04.01.2024) and Friday (05.01.2024), where around 10,000 spectators are expected, only three of the four P+R parking lots will be available.

Fans are asked to park in the designated areas in Ohrdruf, Suhl-Nord and Steinbach-Hallenberg. "On Thursday and Friday, there will be enough space for fans here. This will save the area at the RABA in Zella-Mehlis for the weekend, when we expect up to 20,500 fans on both competition days," says OC boss Bernd Wernicke. He once again appeals to fans to arrive as early as possible and to form car pools in order to have as few vehicles on the road as possible.

In addition, traveling to Zella-Mehlis by public transport, especially by train from Erfurt, Neustadt and Schmalkalden, is a good alternative. As with the P+R parking areas, free shuttles will also run from Zella-Mehlis station to take fans to the ARENA am Rennsteig.

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