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Rules of house and stadium

These Rules are meant to contribute before, during the event and while it is ending, to its orderly holding at Oberhof’s Arena am Rennsteig venue. They serve as a means of guaranteeing safety and order about the venue. Moreover, they state the rights of undisturbed possession and the ways of seizing, if any, and allowing brought objects into the venue.

Area of Application

These Rules encompass the orderly use of, and the guaranteeing of safety about, the event venue Arena am Rennsteig in Oberhof, inclusive of the adjacent entry and exit paths and the parking lots.

Access Control

Access to the respective events shall be granted exclusively upon presentation of a valid entrance ticket or other proof of entitlement to access. Said titles to access shall be presented readily to access control agents and, upon request, shall be delivered to them for inspection. Entrance tickets and other titles to access shall be presented upon request at any time also after access to the event.

Prohibited Brought Objects

It shall be mandatory for every attendee at the moment of access to the event to undergo a check for any objects prohibited from being taken into the venue, carried out by a security agent by means of patting the clothes or scanning with a metal detector (or other technical appliance). Upon being so instructed, brought receptacles (bags, rucksacks, etc.) shall be opened and presented to the security agent for inspection.

The following objects are prohibited from being taken into the venue:

  • Alcoholic beverages and drugs of whichever nature
  • Objects capable of being made use of as a weapon or a missile and/or capable of causing injury to humans and damage to material assets
  • Glass containers, tins, bottles, jugs and other objects made of breakable, slivering or particularly hard materials
  • Plastic bottles with a capacity of 1 litre or more
  • Gas spray cans, corrosive and/or dyeing substances
  • Vaporisers (deodorant, hair-spray cans and the like)
  • Pyrotechnics, objects likely to form a hazard because of their high flammability, torches
  • Arms and weapons of whichever kind, as defined in sect. 42 of Germany’s Arms Act
  • Knives of whichever size
  • Tools of whichever kind
  • Sledges, Strollers
  • Animals and pets, dogs in particular
  • Compressed-air horns, megaphones
  • Laser pointers
  • Objects of whichever kind (clothing, flags, banners, etc.) exhibiting racist, xenophobic, and violence-inciting as well as offensive content
  • Privately operated aerial drones

Prohibited Commercial

Advertising Any advertising for commercial/professional purposes shall be prohibited for all attendees in the course of the events, unless expressly consented by the organizer. By the same token, it shall be prohibited to take photographic, moving pictures or audio recordings for purposes of commercial/professional use and/or of utilizing the same.

Right of Undisturbed Possession, Behaviour about the Venue, Instructions and Obligation to Obey

Being the competent authority, the City of Oberhof shall exercise during the event the right of undisturbed possession of the venue, having transferred said right to the event organizers and hosts. Any and all attendees of an event shall behave about the event venue in such a way as not to damage, injure or put at risk other persons or material assets and—unless unavoidable in the circumstances—as not to interfere with, or incommode, other persons. In the best interest of safety and of the orderly and smooth holding of the event, it shall be mandatory for every attendee to obey any instructions indispensable to achieve the same, issued by police, fire-fighting agents or security personnel acting on the organizers’ behalf.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

We ask to kindly be aware of the fact that for reasons of safety, we are able to provide at every event only a limited number of places for persons with disabilities.

Access Ban Persons:

  • Visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or
  • Behaving in a violent manner or in such a manner as to warrant the suspicion that they will exert violence

may be banned from entering the venue or expelled from the venue by the organizers or the persons entitled by them to doing so, without thus arising any claim for refund of any paid access fee, inasmuch as such action proves indispensable to safe-guard material assets and/or other persons’ life, physical integrity, and health.


Oberhofer Sport und Event GmbH

Organizer and Host

Rules of house and stadium